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We find ourselves in need of counseling help for a variety of reasons, including: loss of direction, personal loss, trauma, life transitions, unpleasant feelings and emotions, personal growth, or perhaps a sense that something is just not quite right. Counseling is a special place where we can be ourselves in the midst of whatever we are experiencing.

I welcome the opportunity to work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. I seek to enter the world of clients with whom I work regardless of their religious, gender, sexual, and cultural identities. I have over twenty years of experience working with people of a variety of ages and would welcome the opportunity to walk alongside you in your journey.

I work collaboratively with clients to identify their needs and potential strategies for meeting those needs. My counseling approach is person-centered in that I view myself as a support system of encouragement, as I carefully consider approaches and interventions that are proven to help the challenges and issues that my clients face. I often work from a psychodynamic counseling approach to learn how a client’s early experiences affect their current situation and unconscious feelings and emotions. I also use other approaches, such as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Trauma Informed Therapy, when appropriate.

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