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about me

I have worked with people of all ages in a variety of settings for over two decades. I began my career helping people on their journeys towards fulfillment and wholeness while working on the staff of a number of churches and serving as an on-call hospital chaplain.

I then made the transition to mental health counseling. I learned valuable lessons about career development while working on a Career Adaptability Research Team. While serving as Outreach Coordinator for National Alliance on Mental Illness Metro Baltimore, I worked to reduce the stigma of living with mental illness and helped people living with mental illness tell their stories with confidence and with integrity. I served as intern at KeyPoint Health Services, where I led counseling groups and counseled individuals and families. I also served as Director of and counselor at Suburban Crossroads Counseling, a group counseling practice.

I currently work in private practice. I am also a consultant for groups and organizations in need of a variety of services. The opportunity to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds has led me to become an outspoken advocate for people who identify with a variety of sexual, gender, economic, and racial identities. 

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